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Who we are

Headway Solar is a team of thoroughly professional and entrepreneurial individuals who have diversified expertise covering various aspects of solar PV. We have in-depth knowledge that encompasses technological, market and financial aspects of solar PV in India. Our extensive and active network of industry professionals, experts, government officials and policy makers helps us track this market in real time. Our knowledge driven, analytical and output oriented approach has enabled us to successfully provide intelligence, project development, business consulting and strategic planning services to several large Indian and international clients.

Going forward, we plan to be a key solar power solutions provider to commercial and industrial establishments. Our tailor-made solutions for the Indian rooftop solar space are aimed at reducing power costs while helping organisations adopt clean energy.

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Raveesh Budania

Raveesh is not an active member of the company anymore. As a key member of Headway Solar, Raveesh was responsible for efforts ranging from business acquisition to solutions delivery. Raveesh's knowledge of solar energy business has been instrumental in successful delivery of diverse consulting mandates over the past two years. Prior to joining Headway Solar, Raveesh worked in the UK as a business analyst within the utilities sector. He studied engineering at Manipal Institute of Technology, and holds certificates in Energy Innovation from Stanford University.

Career opportunities at Headway Solar

At Headway Solar, we take pride in thinking of new solutions for challenges that solar energy in India faces. To join our team, exlpore the job opportunities here.