Buy power from a third-party solar project

Sign a PPA to procure solar power

Don't want to invest in a project but still want to avail the benefits of procuring cheap power through a long term contract, then signing a PPA for long term procuremnt of power is the right option for you.

The PPA can be signed for a project that may be located on your rooftop or for a project located anywhere near your location.

For a project located on your rooftop, the size will typically be between 250 KWp to 2 MWp. This project will not be liable to pay any open access charges or losses as all the power will likely be consumed at the location itself.

On the other hand, a project can be located anywhere outside the location. The minimum procurement capacity for such a project will typically be 1 MWp and it will use the open access mechanism under Electricity Act 2003 for sale and procurement of power.

Typically, a bilateral PPA is signed for such transactions wherein, the cost of solar power is typically 10% lower than the cost of procurement of power from the local distribution grid.

Headway Solar can help you secure such PPAs with projects across India.

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