India set to add another 25 Solar Parks at 12 locations

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has identified 12 more locations in various states to develop 25 solar parks.

As of the date the total installed capacity stands at 3000MW in the country. Recently Power minister in his recent announcement was heard of increasing the target to 100,000 MW.

The states which have expressed their interest along with the proposed capacity is under:

Proposed Solar Parks Capacity in Different States

The projects identified will the executed jointly by the state and Solar Energy Corporation of India(SECI). 

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Walmart to Install 400 Solar PV Systems by 2018 in US Stores

walmart solar city


Walmart will continue adopting solar PV installations on its stores in the US, according to company management’s recent announcement to install 400 solar PV systems over the next four years. Walmart aims to meet upto 30% of stores’ energy requirements from photovoltaics. SunEdison and SolarCity will be the installation partners. 

Already, 105 MW of solar photovoltaics has been installed by Walmart in 260 locations in the last four years, making it the largest corporate adopter of solar energy.

It has to be noted that Walton family of Walmart owns 30% shares of First Solar, world’s leading PV company.


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Subsidized Power a Sweeter Venom Hitting Solar Powered Micro Grids in Rural India

As per the Central Electricity Agency(CEA) more than 257K villages are still without electricity as of Aug 2014, many clean energy NGOs are facilitating the reliable, low cost solar power for this section. Greenpeace is one of the NGOs working stringently to provide such solutions, but the such initiative are being worsen and greatly hit by the mercurial subsidized utility power.

Indian political fraternity lure the rural sector by providing the subsidized power but in factual terms becoming the hindrance for the power sector improvement. One one hand the Central and state government are trying to rope in more private public partnerships for investment and on the other end these unseasonable timings of coming of the government utilities in the area play an adverse role.

There should be mutual consensus from both the stake holders i.e micro grid promoters and state utilities to work as a team players rather than contenders. The synergy can bring bright future for the 44 million people which are living below poverty line in India earning just 75 cents per day. As reported by International Energy Agency there where 13 million people without electricity last year which will tends to increase by 306 million. Another NGO MERA Gaon Power has build more than 20,000 households in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh at $2 a month, more such project need the co-lateral efforts of political will to turn into the revolution.

Central Electricity Agency Report


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Madhya Pradesh set to attract more solar Energy Projects

Investment friendly Madhya Pradesh’s Shivraj Government will be an example for the its adjoining states specially Uttar Pradesh and Bihar to attract more and more investment from the private player in Solar Energy. The operational capacity of 365MW are already operational with 700MW underdevelopment. Private players like Tata Power and US-Based SunEdison are  set to bring more finance for the state in the coming years with 300MW projects in the state. National Thermal Power Corporation(NTPC) has also decided to set up Ultra Mega Project of 750Mw in the state.

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India next for Sun Edison to enter into Wind Energy

Worlds solar energy giant, will going to add wind energy in its portfolio. It came after their last weeks acquisition in US in which they acquired First Wind which has 521MW wind farms installed in the country. This was made possible by the special investment vehicles called ‘Yieldcos’.

Earlier acquisition of First Wind diversified both Sun Edison and Terra Form in renewable Energy sector, making the former the leading renewable power plant developer in the world. The present buzz of entering the wind market in India would be transforming the paradigm of renewable market.

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