Indian solar sector likely to get a boost through investment from Gulf nations

Many manufacturers from the Gulf nations are planning to form the joint venture with the Indian manufacturers and invest both in technology and finance. According to the recent meeting which was held between National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI), officials of Solar Alliance of Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) and Saudi Arabia Solar Association the collaboration is for the mutual benefits of both the nations. Read more here

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Tamil Nadu reaches the capacity of 101 MW installed solar power

With the addition of 81 MW in the financial year 2013-14, state has reaches the total installed capacity of 101 MW. out of the 81 MW installed, 79 MW comes under Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) scheme and the rest 2 MW comes under roof-top.  Majority of the installed solar power plants were put up by high-tension consumers, which includes big commercial and industrial establishments. Read more here

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Chennai metro stations to tap solar power

According to the officials of Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL), to reduce the burden on power grid Chennai Metro Rail is exploring options of solar power for five of its stations. It is estimated that 200 KWp  of solar panels will be installed in these stations, amounting to 10% of the total load. Read more here

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Total installed solar capacity in India goes above 2,500 MW

According to information from India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, total installed capacity of solar energy projects in India is 2,632 MW, as on March 31, 2014. While 688 MW of solar power projects have been installed under the central policy, state policies account for installation of 1,322 MW of solar capacity. Projects driven by Renewable Energy Certificates model account for 491 MW and the remaining capacity is due to renewable purchase obligations (RPO) driven installations and institutional installations.

Installations in various states (under state and central solar policies):

Gujarat: 916 MW
Rajasthan: 730 MW
Madhya Pradesh: 347 MW
Maharashtra: 249 MW

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A boosting plan by India to award 1GW solar permits by 2015

The new planned capacity is about 30% more than the original targets, and is about half the amount that has been built so far. India plans to set up 100MW of solar thermal power plants and the rest will be photo-voltaic plants, which is a huge boost for the solar power sector. Read more here.

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