Madhya Pradesh set to attract more solar Energy Projects

Investment friendly Madhya Pradesh’s Shivraj Government will be an example for the its adjoining states specially Uttar Pradesh and Bihar to attract more and more investment from the private player in Solar Energy. The operational capacity of 365MW are already operational with 700MW underdevelopment. Private players like Tata Power and US-Based SunEdison are  set to bring more finance for the state in the coming years with 300MW projects in the state. National Thermal Power Corporation(NTPC) has also decided to set up Ultra Mega Project of 750Mw in the state.

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India next for Sun Edison to enter into Wind Energy

Worlds solar energy giant, will going to add wind energy in its portfolio. It came after their last weeks acquisition in US in which they acquired First Wind which has 521MW wind farms installed in the country. This was made possible by the special investment vehicles called ‘Yieldcos’.

Earlier acquisition of First Wind diversified both Sun Edison and Terra Form in renewable Energy sector, making the former the leading renewable power plant developer in the world. The present buzz of entering the wind market in India would be transforming the paradigm of renewable market.

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Which place better for solar? Hot Rajasthan or snowy Kashmir

Recent research conducted by Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute(GERMI) in Gandhinagar identified Jammu & Kashmir and eastern part of Uttarakhand as Highest Potential sites for Solar Generation India.

The solar sites are not solely selected on solar radiation but ambient temperature, altitude, wind velocity and weather conditions tends to determine the energy yeild to a great extend. According to the research India has the potential of 680,000 – 730,000 units(kWh)/Acre of land leaving some north eastern states like Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. Amongst them the highest solar generation was recorded in Jammu & Kashmir and Uttarakhand of about 750,000 – 800,000 units/Acre. The study also include the results for Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Telangana.

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Indian Railways will setup dedicated Environment Directorate to boost Renewable Energy

Indian Railway Ministry has proposed to add new wing of separated directorate to promote green fuel such as solar and wing energy.

This could prove to be one of the remarkable inititative from the Honourable Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu, ruling government is promoting hugh chunk of renewable projects and seems to have a good impact on Railways too.

Currently the annual fuel bill of railways from electricity and diesel amounts to about INR 28500 crore, the proposal not only promote the renewable energy but will take care of the tree plantation drive and water conservation management.

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100GW is what India targets from Solar Energy without Government Subsidy

India looks to generate five times more power from solar by 2022 than is currently installed and that too without government support.

Indian Power minister Piyush Goyal speaking at an event organised by Teri said “What we inherited was 20GW up to 2022, which we are trying to reset to 100GW. On the solar front, we believe there is enormous potential to take it to 100,000MW in next 4-5 years,”. The minister emphasize more on making self sustainable industry rather dependent on government subsidies. Target projects will be made vaible by providing grid parity and vouching for bankability with assured returns.

Visionary  minister made it clear that carbon emissions from 1.25 billion population could only be tackled by environment friendly measures and most importantly increasing the portfolio of renewable energy.

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