Revised MNRE Capital Subsidy For Off-Grid And Decentralised Solar Applications

With effect from 1st April 2011, the revised capital subsidy for Off-Grid And Decentralised Solar Applications stands as below:

The benchmark cost for photovoltaic  will be revisedto Rs. 270 per Wp (with battery) and Rs. 190 per Wp (without battery bank) respectively(as indicated in  para 5.3 of the Administrative approval- 5/23/2009-10/P&C dated 08.07.2010). For general areas the CFA would be 30% limited to Rs. 81 per Wp (with battery back-up) and Rs. 57 for systems (without storage battery). For Special category states/North-East States the CFA would be 90% limited to Rs. 243 per Wp (with battery back-up) and Rs. 171( without battery back up).

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2 Responses to Revised MNRE Capital Subsidy For Off-Grid And Decentralised Solar Applications

  1. JNNSM will change the solar market scene. Proper guidlines to be given by govt. authorities and officials to the solar product re-seller, promoters, and manufacuters, then only these kind programes will reach to the buyer.

  2. sandeep narayan says:

    dear sir,
    as mentioned above that benchmark cost of off grid solar power plants for north east areas which includes Uttarakhand also.
    but subsidy allotted to private companies in this area is 30% only

    5/23/2009 – P&C Dated: 16.06.2010
    Government of India
    Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

    5.4 Capital subsidy of 90% of the benchmark cost, would be available for special category states, viz.
    NE, Sikkim, J&K, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

    kindly clarify subsidy %age for Uttarakhand (North East State) for Private Party
    wheather it is 30% or 90% should clearly be mentioned .

    thanks & Regards,

    sandeep narayan

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