Andhra Pradesh to add 1.3 GW of Wind, Solar in FY 2015/16


Andhra Pradesh state expects to install more than 1,300 MW of wind and solar power facilities in the fiscal year through March 2016, energy secretary Ajay Jain said Monday.

More specifically, 1,000 MW of wind and 300 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) parks are expected to reach completion in the fiscal year. Speaking at a press conference, Ajay Jain noted that the planned wind capacity exceeds the state’s Power for All  (refer) scheme that initially envisaged the installation of only 800 MW of wind farms.

In fiscal 2014/15, Andhra Pradesh put on stream 285 MW of wind farms, bringing the total cumulative to 1,080 MW.

On the solar front, Andhra Pradesh in December 2014 awarded 619 MW of power purchase agreements (PPAs) to private developers. Plants of less than 10 MW are to be completed by end-2015, while facilities larger than 10 MW are scheduled for commissioning in March 2016. Still, a bigger solar push for the state is expected in fiscal 2016/17 with the addition of over 1,000 MW of capacity by state-owned NTPC Ltd and other developers, the energy secretary said.

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