Environment on priority this Gandhi Jayanti

Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi inaugurated a rooftop solar plant on Gandhi Jayanti at Khunti court and district collectorate making it the first court in India to rely on solar energy.

Declaring Mahatma Gandhi to be his “inspiration”, Modi ji made a strong pitch for environment protection and energy conservation, linking them to Gandhi’s commitment to providing justice to the poor. “Gandhiji was a big supporter of environment protection. That is why I decided to come here. In a way, I have snatched this opportunity (to inaugurate). I decided to come here because 2 October is my inspiration. Mahatma Gandhi is my inspiration,” Modi said.

Referring to the 180KW rooftop solar photovoltaic system which he inaugurated, Modi said that if Gujarat or Rajasthan think of solar energy, people will say that it is understandable as they have no coal, but when Jharkhand, which is a rich in coal, does so, it is noticed and the world gets a message from it.

The lack of power in court premises hampers the hearing of cases and was a reason behind the pendency and delay in delivery of justice, Modi said he was shocked to realize that districts courts are deprived of basic amenities like power even after 60 years of independence. “The judges of Jharkhand found a solution to it here and this court will now run with solar energy. Today it has become the first district court in the country to run with solar energy. This is the best tribute to Gandhiji. Bapu fought his entire life to get justice for the poor. On his birth anniversary, a court is being connected with solar energy. This is a very good initiative,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that like solar energy, the country also needs to focus on energy conservation. “We can’t use up all our resources, we must think about the future,” he said as he exhorted the public to use LED bulbs to reduce their power bills. Modi said that the airport at Kochi in Kerala became the first such facility in the country to run on solar energy while the last railway station on the Vaishno Devi route, too, runs on this source of renewable energy.

Congratulating the Jharkhand judges on the state’s first court being connected with solar energy in Khunti, he said that if environment is protected, it will help provide justice to the weaker sections.

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