Contracted market research, reporting & analysis

Use our expertise for your research

With a deep understanding of solar PV in India and and an extensive network across the solar industry, Headway Solar is very well positioned to carry out any domain based research and analysis for your organization.

Headway Solar can help you with the following type of contracted research:

  • Research on market developments and market potential for multilateral developmental agencies.
  • Risk profiling, market sizing and analysis for financing institutions, investment agencies and export credit agencies.
  • Pricing trends, competitor market share and market projections for module, inverter, BOS and other equipment suppliers.
  • Presentations and background research documentation for board approvals, internal strategy formation.
  • Reporting on market status and future opportunities for potential market entry, investments and sales interests.
  • Partner identification in the Indian solar market for international companies.
  • Others

For more strategic aspects, refer to the consulting section.

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