Grid parity driven solar projects in India

You might have already achieved parity

The power tariffs in India are different across different states and can broadly be categorized into four segments:

  1. Commercial power consumers, i.e., consumers such as malls, office spaces and retail outlets paying a commercial tariff as high as INR 12/kWh in certain locations (the highest amongst all segments).
  2. Industrial power consumers, i.e., manufacturing facilities, that are charged the industrial tariff, which is usually the second highest and can be over to INR 8/kWh in certain locations.
  3. Residential power consumers are usually charged less than industrial and commercial consumers and the tariffs can be as high as INR 7/kWh in certain locations.
  4. Agricultural power consumers usually receive subsidized tariffs. These are amongst the lowest in all segments and in some locations power is even free.

Some of the states with highest power tariffs are Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and Kerala. It is expected that these states will start adopting solar the soonest.

The market fundamentals are all favouring the adoption of solar. You should go solar for the following reasons:

  • The solar prices have bottomed out.
  • Cost of conventional power is rapidly rising.
  • Power deficit in the country is also rising
Headway Solar can help you hedge against future rise in power costs for your operations.

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