Solar solutions for factories and manufacturing units

Shift a part of your load to cheaper solar

Manufacturing facilities usually rely on multiple power sources such as conventional power at grid tariff, diesel based power generation and in many cases, it also depends on open access power consumption through multiple sources.

Each of these power sources has an associated risk. Grid tariffs and diesel costs are rising and open access power cannot be relied upon. In such a situation, it makes sense to power a part of the load through solar, which is a more reliable and cheaper source.

Typically, industries have high inductive loads, in form of motors and other machinery. In such a scenrio, going for a storage based solution is not ideal. Headway Solar usually recommends that industrial consumers shift upto 20% of their base load on solar. This not only helps in savings on grid tariff, but also help keep the generator load running at optimum efficiency.

Headway Solar can help you with the load management concepts and a solar solution that will definitely bring down your overall power costs.

You can either set up a rooftop solar project or buy solar power through a private PPA via open access.

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