Go-to-market strategy for solar PV in India

Knowledge driven market entry

Many international analysts rank India as one of the most attractive solar markets globally. For example, according to an Ernst & Young report, ‘Renewable energy country attractiveness indices’, India ranks second on the attractiveness index for solar energy. Currently, more than 2.1 GW of grid-connected solar power projects have been commissioned in India- almost all of it within past two years. Installed capacity is expected to reach 8 GW by as soon as 2016, and 20 GW by 2022. These figures indicate the enormous growth potential of the Indian solar market.

For many multinational players, the unique characteristics of the Indian solar market is coupled with unfamiliar regulatory framework and unclear channels. Many critical questions need to be answered:

  • How do we assess the market, competitors, enablers and customers to determine the right fit of products and services and their placement and pricing in the market?
  • How do we implement local functions, processes, teams and infrastructure for an effective market entry?
  • How do we measure the impact of various strategies such as local joint ventures or distributorship? How do we find and manage the right partners?
  • How do we maximise the effectiveness of our market entry and how do we execute our plans?’
We help our clients answer these questions and adopt a working, India-specific model.

Leveraging our unique positioning – at the center of the market, serving suppliers, project developers, EPC service providers and investors- we help you to understand the dynamics of Indian business for a successful market entry.

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