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Invest in the right projects

More than 2.1 GW of solar PV has been installed in India. This acounts for an investment of INR 190 billion. In the next five years, an investment of over INR 780 billion is expected in the Indian solar market. This demand is expected to be generated by national and state policies, obligations and financial parities in various market segments.

Solar PV projects require high investment commitments and an in-depth understanding of various factors impacting these investments. As an investor, finding the right opportunity and de-risking such investment decisions is the key to a successful venture. Headway Solar has a proven track record of advising organizations regarding investments in solar projects. After thoroughly understanding the clients’ priorities and strengths, we collaborate with them to develop tailor- made strategies and plans. Using our expertise, experience and insights, we help our clients in understanding the current and future sources of advantage within the solar landscape. We deconstruct the complexity of the policy framework, industry trends, technology, financing and project development to help our clients in spotting risks and uncertainties and propose ways to mitigate them.

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