Solar project consulting and development services in India

Lay the ground work for a 25 year project

A few months of proper technical and financial planning and taking steps to ensure that all clearances are in place, can guarantee 25 years of hassle-free returns on investment.

Note: Note: We strongly recommend that before you start with the planning and liaising process, you should explore all possible investment opportunities and understand the risks and returns expectations. Refer to the feasibility study section, to know more.

‘Headway Solar provides services to support and catalyse planning and development of solar projects. With strong industry relationships and a thorough understanding of solar policy, technology, project management and finance, our team aims to maximise our clients’ return on investments (ROI) and accelerate project execution. We provide the following services in this respect:

  • Off-take risk assessment
  • Business model development(for bilateral Power Purchase Agreements)
  • Technical design outlining
  • Bankable detailed project report
  • Stakeholder selection
  • Contracts assessment and negotiation
  • Bidding Management or customer acquisition
  • Power Purchase Agreement facilitation
  • Permits & approvals facilitation
  • Renewable Energy Certificate (RECs) registration and accreditation
  • Financing facilitation

We also offer feasibility, planning, liaising and execution support as a turnkey Project Management Consulting (PMC) service. However, we prefer to take up the parts seperately to ensure transparency and conflict of interest.

Looking to de-risk your project with detailed planning and all-round compliance? Drop us a message and we promise to get back.




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